About me

My name is Julia Struzh and I am from Cologne.

My Love for self-made clothes started already in my childhood. Knitting needles and sewing machines were part of my live through all years.
In year 2010 I met with felting. I fell in love from the first touch.

I am fascinated by the various color and form combinations of wool. Trough that I have the possibility to realize my design from sketch to garment.

Each of my creations gets a part of my soul. So if you would surf through my online gallery or even would try on my clothes live: I am sure you will feel my warmth and cheerful mood.
Every my creation is unique – like every person is unique!

I am very happy to meet all of you!

Would you like to meet me?

On the News-page you can see where I will exhibit soon.
Just come over, I'm looking forward to seeing you!

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